Brow lamination Express kit is a technique that aids in redirecting the eyebrow. The laminated Brow can be directed either downwards or upwards or even sideways to create a variety of brow texture, pattern, and even shape. You can achieve a hair strockes brow effect.This barbara Carranza brow lamination express kit, means you can do it in a shorter time. The time for each solution is 5 minutes.,Once opened use within 48hrs.


-Perm lotion

-Setting lotion

-Nourish lotion

-3 spolies, 3 aplication padded stick

Brow Lamination Express Kit DYI

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  • Brow Lamination Instructions Card


    *Important , must get a patch test 

    -open the small corner of each solution, squeeze to get a small drop and place it behind your ear, let it rest for 24hr.

    Note: after opening lotions for patch test, place them back into the sealed mini plastic bag to avoid oxidation.


    If you had done lash lift or brow lift/perm , there is no need for patch test.



    step 1


    -Apply perm lotion on brows, brush brow hair until desired direction 


    -place cling foil for better results ,leave for 5 min to rest.

    -remove lotion well  with cotton pad .


    Step 2


    -Apply setting lotion , brush hairs on the direction desired , cover with cling film for better results , leave to rest 5 min 

    -remove lotion with cotton pad 


    Step 3


    -Apply nutrition lotion to condition hair and skin , leave it to rest 5 min.


    -remove with cotton pad.


    *Do not wet your brows for 24 hrs.



    **Make sure to do a patch test, to avoid allergy reactions 

    -check ingredients for allergies sensitivities


    *The use of this product is the responsibility of those who use it*