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Barbara Carranza

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I am Mexican born and first trained in my country,eyebrow designing 20 years ago.

Being too a Make up artist complemented having a better understanding of designing  eyebrows according to individuals features.

I love peoples reaction when I enhance their eyebrows !!

with the help of my favourite tools that I have created to help in the brow shaping , I can perform a precise and beautiful brow shape.

Also my love for the brow artistry allowed me to go further and  offer a semipermanent option for brows to stay with that beautiful shape for longer time.

I teach in the awarded Academy of freelance make up AOFM for over 15 years now ,teaching the art of brow design .

I hope that I can enhance too your beautiful Brows.




Based on you features , I will design your eyebrows through measures and style. all to suit the unique you. We will decide what treatment is right for you, waxing and tin...
BRW tailored design
30 min